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HR Synergies, LLC (HRS) is an industry leader in corporate and medical human resources, and specializes in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Human Resource/Personnel Management and Medical Practice Management. HRS was born out of the realization of a growing human resource void that exists today within the world of small businesses, non-profit organizations and private practice healthcare. Historically, human resources has been relegated to simple personnel matters. True human resources has a much larger scope and enters the realm of areas such as business planning and execution and risk management/mitigation, in addition to talent acquisition and retention and policy and procedure. Since human capital is typically the largest investment a business makes, getting the most out of this investment goes further than hiring for a position. For example, the difference between success and failure is often more about taking the time to understand the hiring company’s culture, maturity, long and short term plans, etc., as much as it is about the skillset of the candidate. HRS understands the interplay of these human resource aspects and is here to partner with you to help ensure you make the right decisions for the maximum positive impact to your organization.

Sam Hines, VP and Managing Director of Executive Search for HR Synergies, began laying the groundwork for HRS in 2008. With him, he brought 30+ years of experience in corporate human resources experience, including serving as Directors of Human Resources, Staffing, and Supplier Diversity, and 12 years as the VP of Executive and Professional Talent Acquisition for the country’s 5th largest commercial bank. Joining him were other founding members including business development and sales and marketing experts, healthcare industry experts and information technology specialists. Together they developed a network of the highest quality HR professionals, and healthcare consultants, to create world class solutions to serve our clients. HR Synergies officially launched in 2010, and has since seen enormous growth and success assisting corporations obtain the best talent, helping small businesses improve productivity through personnel management, and partnering with physicians to open new successful practices while helping others exceed growth goals.

HRS is a collaborative company intent on helping you reach your goals. Allow us the opportunity to meet to discuss your vision and how we may be able to help you achieve it.

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We approach HR from a risk management perspective.

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Over 30+ Years of Human Resource & MPM Experience

Our experienced team of specialists in human resources, business development, marketing, and branding look forward to serving you.


Our experienced team of specialists in human resources, business development, marketing, and branding look forward to serving you. View our Years of Experience below.


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